15 People Who Attracted Good Luck Out Of The Blue


When would you call yourself lucky? When you leave for work and catch a bus without waiting and get a seat? Or when you find money at a random place? How about you lose your expensive ring only to find it safe and sound a few years later?

There are many situations we can find ourselves in that will make us consider ourselves lucky but for the people in today’s article, they are the truly lucky ones.  From find money to diamond rings, we all hope and pray that someday we can be as lucky as these people.

1One lucky guy

Can you imagine hanging out at your friend’s place for New Year’s Eve only to have all her sister come by and you end up getting a photo like this that will make all your guy friends jealous as hell? This man has to be the luckiest to have decided not to go out to party but to stay over a friend’s house.

Image Source: wimg.com

2Johnny Depp

Could you ever imagine taking a train ride only to be seated beside a world famous movie star? This couple was not expecting their train passenger to be the only and only Captain Jack Sparrow himself, Johnny Depp. He was so cool about the situation that he bought them Champagne, took photos and spoke to them the entire way.

Image Source: izismile.com

3The lucky avocado

The biggest issue most people have who love eating avocados is the large seed in the fruit. Sometimes the seed takes up ¾ of the entire fruit leaving not much to eat but this lucky person got the luckiest avocado in the world. The seed is so tiny and there is so much fruit to have.

Image Source: imgur.com

4When you order from a good company

This is not an image of a person ordering one time and ended up getting 20 but in fact, is the image of a person who ordered one t-shirt for her child on Christmas day but the company couldn’t deliver. Any other company would’ve just delivered it when they could but this company sent 20 t-shirts as an apology. 

Image Source: izismile.com

5Cleaning grandma’s home

This Nintendo gaming console wasn’t a gift even though it looks brand new. This was a very lucky find by some lucky child who was cleaning his grandmother’s home. Can you even imagine the joy the kid must have felt upon seeing this? A free mint condition gaming console would make any child happy.

Image Source: redd.it

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