15 Parents Confess the Mistakes They Made When Raising Children and Now Regret It


How children are raised will impact them directly in their social lives. However, the surprising thing, however, is that grownup in most cases fails to recognize this even as they too were once children. Parent will make mistakes and they then end up regretting them later. The best way to parent a child is to remember how you were a child once and act by putting yourself in your child’s shoes to see if they are really right or wrong. This is a collection compiled by Reddit users who have shared some unpleasant stories on raising their children. Perhaps as a young parent, you could learn from this and act accordingly in raising your own kids.

1“Using public shaming as a form of discipline. It’s a serious upbringing mistake”

This was shared by one id named ©MojaveRed.  This is one of the worst things you can do to a child. In this case, even if the child is wrong, you should never scold the child in public. Not only will it lead to low self-esteem, the child may end up resenting you silently.

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2“I put my son, who was about 8 months old at the time, onto our changing table that is about waist-high and turned around to grab more diapers. Terrible decision.”

This user relates a horrible experience when she took her eye of her son. She continues


“Caught him rolling off the table out of the corner of my eye, but it was too late… He fell 3 feet and landed directly on his face. He’s never cried so hard in his life before or after. I held him and just started crying because I felt so guilty hurting him like that. Never take your eyes off your children.”  ©WhoDat512

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3They forgot their son at the harbor

A Reddit user with the id @rapidnash related how he and his wife took their son to the harbor. It was a fun filled day but when they were driving back home, his wife looked back and then screamed: “where’s our son”.  Well, here is his explanation?   “I guess we were not used to having a 3rd person with us when we went out so that’s the story of how we almost forgot our child at an ice cream store.”


The couple was lucky that the ice cream shop owner looked after the kid and even gave him free ice cream till the parents returned for him. Fortunately, the owner looked after him and even gave him a free ice cream cone until we got back”

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4It is ok to feel and it’s also ok to take mommy time out

One mother whose id reads @pinkleopard says that we should teach the kids the proper way of expressing their feelings instead of rudely. She says it is ok to feel angry or frustrated but don’t go throwing books or being aggressive against siblings. As a mom, she feels frustrated at times but does not throw tantrums, and shuts herself into her room to cool off.


She makes her older son who is 4, to sit in a chair and reflect for 4 minutes and explain his reasons for being angry. She helps him understand that it’s ok to feel but there are other ways to express positive ways to express emotions and deal with them without being destructive.

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5Don’t discourage kids

This Redditor with the id @neobeguine explains how one day she took her kid to the playground and as he was trying to climb some playground equipment suitable for his age, she told him to “be careful”. The kid being an overtly cautious one stopped immediately and even refused to try a second time. She says she regretted the decision badly.

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