15 Negative Effects Children Will Face If They Are Gadget Obsessed


11Inability to learn

It is okay to be a tech-savvy kid or teen but having them obsess over technology and gadgets from a young age is a very bad thing for parents to do. The best thing for parents to do is to make and promote their children to exercise their brains more and not be attached to screens and gadgets that often. 

Image Source: childmind.org

12Neck and back pain

It is not a surprise that children who get attached to their gadgets get neck and back pains later in life. This is because kids always have their necks at an angle while using smartphones or tablets. This constant pressure on their necks will lead to major issues later on in life including neck aches and back pain.

Image Source: www.naturalnews.com

13Socially awkward

If a child spends all their time watching TV and using their mobiles or tables how many friends do you think they will make? Yes, sure they can make friends online but do you want little kids to be talking to strangers online? No parent will ever want that. So, the only way to make your child less socially awkward is for them to go outside and meet other kids.

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14Poor sleeping habits

All of us adults go to sleep with our phones. It makes sense for us as we’re checking our emails and texting people and checking up on our next day’s schedule but why do so many kids go to sleep with their phones? This is a very bad habit and it needs to be stopped or it can lead them down a dangerous road. They can face restlessness and insomnia.

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15Practically no fun in life

If a child is given all the TV and phones and gadgets they want since they were kids, what do you think that child will grow up to want to do in life? Nothing, this will become their life. They will become socially awkward and only find watching TV and browsing the web interesting. They will not have friends and will not want to leave their house except for work.

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