15 Negative Effects Children Will Face If They Are Gadget Obsessed


6Late speech development

You may have noticed that people who are attached to their screens aren’t the talkative type. This is okay as adults but not if they’re children. Children should not be glued to screens and not talking to their parent’s or people around them. Doing this will lead to delayed speed development that will hamper the child’s growth.

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7No focus on studies

This is nothing surprising and a fact for anyone reading this. Children who are obsessed with screens or gadgets will never be able to focus on their studies. These become like an addiction to the child and it is hard for the parents to separate them. This also affects the attention span of children which can show up to harm them later on in life.

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8Exposure to radiation

Since 2011, the World Health Organization has announced that mobile phones and other wireless devices can be placed under category 2B of risks because of the radiation emission from them. Since then many companies have tried to lower the radiation emission from their devices but it isn’t completely gone. Children who spend hours together with smartphones or tablets are being exposed to this radiation.

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9It affects the relationship between the parents and the child

Letting your child spend all their time glued to a screen may free you up to do whatever you want but this weakens your relationship with your own child. A research was done to back this fact up. In the study of over 3,700 families showed that 31% of the parents blamed gadgets becoming a barrier between them and their children.

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10Harms their eyes

You don’t have to be a genius to know that watching a screen for hours on end will affect your eyes and damage them. You can have televisions with whatever type of special glass that they say prevents eye strain but for young children, this doesn’t matter. This will strain their eyes and cause issues later on in their lives.

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