15 Negative Effects Children Will Face If They Are Gadget Obsessed


If you’re above 24 you might remember when you were a kid. You may have had a video game console but definitely not a smartphone or a tablet. You used to play with your toys or go outside to play with your friends. Have you seen today’s children?

They are glued to screens from a very young age. This can be the screen of a smartphone, a tablet or just the TV but they are glued to it. They sit with it for hours and have no physical activities. Do you know the damage this is doing to them? These screens and gadgets are harming them way more than we know.

1It harms cognitive development

Humans have the most development in our bodies when we are children. This is the time for us to grow and develop our bodies. This is also the time when overexposure to gadgets can actually slow our growth. It can cause attention deficits and in some cases even impaired hearing. Children should be playing with toys or reading books but parents sit them in front of the TV all day.

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2Late physical development

Yes, if you make your child sit in front of a TV all day then it will hamper his or her growth physically as well as mentally. Children should be in their strollers and walking around the house or at least trying to walk but placing them in front of moving objects on a screen with sound will keep them occupied for hours with no physical work.

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3Dependent on a screen

Believe it or not, but there is actually a disorder called Screen Dependency Disorder or SDD. The worst part is that it can not only be seen in teenagers but also in children as young as 3-4 years old. This originates when the child is addicted to a screen for long periods of time. This can be caused by TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc. This can harm the kids in disastrous and can also lead to brain damage.

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4An obsession that leads to agitation

 You don’t have to be a parent to know that if you deprive your child of something many of them will throw a fit or show their temper. But, this is different in kids who have their screens taken away. Their obsession for their screens when not fulfilled or taken away from them can lead them to show increased agitation and or temper tantrums which can soon become a part of their personality.

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5Risk of obesity

If a child’s entertainment is from a screen a mere few inches away from them, why will they ever want to move or walk? When children show no interest in physical activities they are just increasing the risk of obesity. The American Academy of Paediatrics has submitted reports that suggest that the average child can spend around seven hours browsing the Internet, watching television and playing video games every day.

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