10 Most Unbelievable Places That Exist On Planet Earth


8 Hitachi Sea Side Park Japan

This is a flower paradise located in Ibaraki city in Japan. Hitachi Park is spread across vast areas of 190 hectares and is famous for its blooms all over the year. This flower paradise boasts of many different species of flowers but the baby blue eye flower is the main attraction. This park also has millions of daffodils, tulips and many other exotic flowers. The park comes with a small amusement park for kids and a beautiful trail for travellers.

Image Source: hitachikaihin.jp

7 Tianzi Mountains, China

Located in Hunan province of China, this place has a lot of historical significance, the name ‘Tianzi’ means “Son of Heaven” and covers the total area of 16650 acres. This mountain range is popular because of its many legendary peaks, the highest being 1262 metres above sea level. Known as the Monarch of forest, each peak provides stunning views. The floating clouds, the radiance of the moon light and reflection of the sunlight provide stunning views.


Image Source: boomsbeat.com

6 Algarve Cave, Portugal

Among the most unbelievable places on Earth are these Portuguese caves are stunning natural workmanship, formed by the continuous action of the sea waves over centuries. It stands as a shelter on the sea shore and faces the action of waves throughout. The in and out action of the sea and filtering of sunlight makes it really surreal places on Earth in the true sense


Image Source: theculturetrip.com


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