When a Sensational Indian Army Discovery of Large YETI Footprints Revived Interest in The Abominable Snowman


4The story of the yeti

The Yeti or Abominable snowman as it is called is a legendary figure ingrained in the psyche of Himalayan folklore. It is considered not as a fable or myth but as something very real by those living in villages in the upper Himalayan regions. It is described as half man half apelike figure or what could be more practical is more a huge caveman stuck in evolution. If you thought the Yeti is a laughable figment of Indian and Nepalis imagination you’ll be surprised to ow how many western explorers tried finding out the truth behind the myth of the Yeti. The legend has also been the subject of documentaries on national geographic.

The story of the yeti

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5English explorers have also reported footprints

The Yeti is a figure from Nepali folklore and mythology and has been described as a large half-man and a half-ape figure who is covered by fur. In the west, the Yeti story became well-known after an English explorer produced what he claimed was a photograph of the creature’s footprint. The Yeti became known subsequently as the ‘abominable snowman’ and has become part of popular culture.


When a Sensational Indian Army Discovery of Large YETI Footprints

According to Nepalese legend, the Yeti was first seen 300 years ago by a hermit who was helped by the Himalayan creature to survive. After that, there have been several alleged sightings of the Yeti and all in the same area of the Barun-Makalu National park in the same region where the Indian Army made their sighting of the footprints.

English explorers have also reported footprints

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6Several expeditions by western explorers to find the Yeti including sir Edmund Hilary

If you thought that the yeti was just another silly reason for people to rake up a media frenzy, then you’ll be surprised to how famous personalities were also obsessed with the Yeti and even tried to locate it. Believe it or not but it was none other than Sir Edmund Hillary the first man to summit Everest along with Tenzing Norgay. In 1953 Hillary reported seeing large footprints in the snow while scaling Mount Everest but later said the reports were unreliable. That did not stop him from mounting a Yeti expedition. Tenzing too in his autobiography says that his father had narrated how he had seen the yeti twice.

Several expeditions by western explorers

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7Sightings were reported in the same area as the Indian army discovery

Sir Edmund Hillary also mounted an expedition to search for the Yeti in 1960. Called the Silver Hut Expedition, it was to research, collect and analyze evidence of the Abominable Snowman. In 1970, famed mountaineer Don Whillans when climbing Mt Annapurna reported seeing a creature which appeared to be walking on all fours.

Sir Edmund Hillary

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