Heartwarming Story About A Dog Who Waited 4 Years For His Owners To Return


Everyone loves dogs; they are cute, loyal and loveable. They will love you with all their heart and are way smarter than we think. Dogs are some of the most loyal animals on the planet which is why since the caveman era we’ve been using them as pets.

One recent story that made waves on social media involved a pet dog whose owners forgot that they left him behind and he waited for them to return for 4 long years. This reminded us of the most loyal dog in human history.

1Dogs are precious

There is no doubt about the fact that we humans don’t deserve dogs. They symbolize pure joy and love and there is not a mean bone in their body. We feed them and give them shelter and in return, they love us unconditionally and are ready to give their lives for us.

Dogs are precious

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2The most loyal dog

The dog we are talking about in this story is Leo. Leo was mistakenly left behind at a gas station by his owners. Leo however, decided to wait at the same spot to wait for his owners to return. Leo ended up waiting for 4 years. He refused to leave the place.

The most loyal dog

Image Source: dantri.com.vn

3How people helped

When people saw this lone dog near the gas station, they wanted to help, but Leo refused to leave. Many people gave him food to nourish him. A lady called Saowalak fed him often and even tried to take him home but Leo would return to the spot. She made an effort to bring food for Leo whenever she could.

How people helped

Image Source: humanlife.asia

4A kind stranger

Another kind passerby called AnuchitUnchareon posted about Leo on social media. He hoped the post would be seen by Leo’s owners. And it was! The post went viral and was shared by thousands of people. Luckily, Leo’s owners saw it too and they said that the dog in the post looks like their lost dog BonBon.

A kind stranger

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5The family came back

The family set a date for when they would reunite with BonBon, which is Leo’s real name. The family was excited to see Leo and Leo was equally happy to see the family. However, there was an unexpected plot twist. Leo refused to go home with the family he had waited for.

The family came back

Image Source: naewna.com


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