11 Fascinating Gadgets That Will Take You Directly Into 3019


10 years ago, life was simple; everyone was happy with simple phones and had the habit of writing real letters. But today with so many apps, hi-definition mobile cameras, digital wallets, etc are all available on our smartphones and at our fingertips. Technology never seems to stop evolving and improving as engineers and scientists are working hard to create new things. Some things we use on a daily basis and other maybe as projects of the moment planned for the near future. Here are 11 gadgets that will make you feel you are already in 3019.

1 A cat toilet with a self-cleaning function

The laziest or gadget mad cat owners have already bought for their pets this automatic cat toilet. This robot litter box collects the waste by dropping it into an isolated compartment. The compartment has to be opened by the owner so that he can change the bag full of waste and throw it away. This box has a very futuristic look but it is pretty expensive and priced at $450 which is kind of costly but it is surely worth it.

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn


2“A smart condom”

The British condoms company have recently released a smart condom known as i.Con. This may look like a fitness bracelet but actually it’s for a different body part and measures different activities. Although it can’t prevent diseases from spreading and avoid pregnancy, but the creators are trying to fix it. During physical intercourse, the sensors monitor the activities like intensity, duration and speed of movement, the calories burnt, popular positions and their frequency. Users can even share achievements with other users through a platform.

Image Source: viettimes.vn


3A suitcase that moves by itself

Travelers who cannot think of traveling without flying can be in a need of this suitcase. The Forward X company has invented a suitcase which can follow its owner. You don’t require hard commands or joysticks for controlling or using it. The smart bracelet is connected to the suitcase and it rolls by itself beside the owner. It has a normal handle. The mass production of these suitcases hasn’t yet started and no price has yet been announced by the company.

Image Source: thepointsguy.com


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