Edible Water Pouches Are the New Ray Of Hope As The London Marathon Uses It To Replace Plastic Bottles


11Where all can you see them being used?

This sort of product has many applications in different fields. You can use them in bars and clubs to serve drinks or shots in. You can even use them to carry juices or other liquids. They can be used in fast food chains to replace the tiny cups they serve ketchup or other relishes in.

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12What makes them better?

The thing about these tiny pouches is the fact that they can be consumed and if not they are biodegradable. This means that if you toss them away and in 4-6 weeks you will not find them lying on the ground. Plastic, on the other hand, takes 100 years to start to biodegrade.

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13Spreading the word

This product is relatively unknown at the moment and needs to be talked about in the media. This product being so new is the reason why it wasn’t used by everybody at the 2019 London marathon. Had this product been introduced before more people would’ve been able to try it out and the 700,000 plastic bottles used would’ve been even lesser.

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14The power to change the world

Until the creation of this product, we always thought plastic bottles are the only thing we have. That is the only thing we can use but now we have a chance to change things. This is in its early stages of development so we cannot expect miracles but we can expect the research team to come up with a way to make these pouches larger and more efficient to be used in everyday life.

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15A chance to save the planet

A product that can store liquids and the whole thing can be eaten is an idea that we could not have imagined 5 years ago but now it is a reality. We know the danger we have put our planet and our race into by the destructive use of plastic but now we have a chance to save and mend our planet and make a change.

Image Source: brightside.me

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