Edible Water Pouches Are the New Ray Of Hope As The London Marathon Uses It To Replace Plastic Bottles


6The aftermath of the marathon

Everyone knows that the racers need to stay hydrated during the race and require water. They are provided water bottles along the way or even cups of water at regular intervals. This, however, leads to the fact that they need to be tossed out by the racers all along the track. This is where the administration saw the huge flaw in their plan as around 920,000 plastic bottles were thrown away.

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7Making a change

The authorities knew they had to come up with some way to avoid using these bottles. For the 2019 marathon, they joined hands with Skipping Rock Lab which is a company that specializes in making edible pouches from seaweed. This was a huge game changer for the event with many applications in other events.

Image Source: metro.co.uk

8What were these pouches?

These pouches were designed by the company for one specific reason and that was to reduce the plastic we use. These pouches are completely edible and if not eaten they can be discarded as they will biodegrade in nature in around 4 to 6 weeks. This incredible invention saw results as in the 2019 marathon only 700,000 plastic bottles were used. That’s a nearly 200,000 difference than last year. 

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9How are they made?

The company Skipping Rock Lab spent years designing something that could take the place of plastic bottles. They had in mind something that could be used in marathons as they could make it small. They were able to remove the taste, color, and odor from seaweed and transform it into a thin yet strong membrane type substance.

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10The applications for this

Since this was in the early stages of development, they decided to go small and see how it worked and how the masses responded to it. The pouches are small and can be eaten. There are 100% safe and edible. The first use was at the marathon but you could very well one day see these things at your local bar or music festival.

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