Edible Water Pouches Are the New Ray Of Hope As The London Marathon Uses It To Replace Plastic Bottles


Go to any store and look around, the majority of the liquids are in plastic bottles. We have been trying to get rid of plastic consumption for years now with very little success. Many countries have banned plastic bags in hopes that it can help reduce the plastic waste we throw away. But the plastic bottle is still being used. 

Last year during the London Marathon a shocking fact was revealed; the number of plastic water bottles that were used during the event reached almost 900,000. Luckily, they learned from their mistake and were able to join forces with a small company to create something that could help solve this issue.

1The plastic crisis

Everyone on this planet knows we’re in the middle of a plastic crisis and we cannot see a way out of it. The earth’s land and seas are filling up with plastic products and the major culprits are water bottles and bags. These two are made from plastic and are made in bulk. After use, these are just tossed away and they not only poison the soil but also kill the wildlife.

Image Source: www.nationalgeographic.com

2How did we get here?

Plastic was invented in 1907 and since then was regarded to be a blessing as it was very versatile and strong. It had many applications in many different fields and it took nearly 100 years before we realized how dangerous it really was. After we realized the hole we had dug for ourselves we needed to find a way to get out.

Image Source: mainichi.jp

3How we are trying to control it

Since we realized how dangerous this plastic is we started controlling it. Many countries have banned plastic bags while promoting paper and cloth ones. This is a way to reduce the amount of plastic we throw away. This did help us a bit but the other culprit was still at large, plastic bottles.

Image Source: bbci.co.uk

4Plastic bottles are dangerous

Go into any department store or supermarket and look around, the majority of bottles there are made from plastic. The biggest issue comes during sporting events like a marathon where we see just how bad the situation is. This image was taken during the 2018 London marathon and just look at all the plastic bottles thrown around.

Image Source: porosenka.net

5The 2018 London marathon

 The 2018 London marathon was held on 22nd April 2018 and saw around 40,000 runners on the starting line competing in the 38th annual mass marathon. The race was won by Vivian Cheruiyot who is a Kenyan long-distance runner. But, the marathon also revealed something far more important, the number of water bottles used.

Image Source: .twimg.com

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