12 Dreams and Their Meanings Most Women Often Miss


Dreaming is the communication between our unconscious and conscious mind. To interpret your dreams and understand them benefits personal growth as it helps you understand the things you fear, the things you long for most and what you can do about them. Dreams are like helpful tools that improve self-discovery and what you learn about them can be applied to daily life. The thing is that dreams can be complex for beginners indulging in dream analysis and there are many dream meanings that women can even miss out on. This is why it is necessary to be aware of your dreams and self-educate yourself on them. Here is a detailed guide of 12 common dreams that women miss to help you on your path to dream analysis and keep you in tune with your subconciousness.

1 You Dream About Birds

Birds symbolize guidance and understanding to those who look for them. Birds represent the need to communicate and are an ancient symbol of imagery dating back to the times of Norse mythology of Odin who would regularly use the help of ravens to acquire information. Seeing birds in dreams means that someone could be trying to communicate with you. It could also be your soul’s way of coping with the passing of a loved one.

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2Aliens Abduct You

Surprisingly, this is a very common dream because the concept of aliens are today a trending topic which is why they serve as imagery for our dreams. Alien dreams are often missed and misinterpreted because aliens actually represent the lesser-known parts of one’s personality that is yet to be understood, hence the dream involving a subject that is yet a mystery. One should also be careful in interpreting such dreams and do them correctly.

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3There Is Nothing Around You

It can be scary for many women to dream of being in a dark room alone. The instinct to get out of such an intimidating dream often turns it into a nightmare instead and the original message is lost. Such dreams of being trapped in empty space could signify several opportunities lying in wait for you. By attempting to control lucid dreaming, you could try walking around and interact with the space around you which is another way of direct communication with your subconscious.

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4Dreaming That You Are Missing Object

Disorienting dreams are often similar to life in reality except for minor details. By dreaming for example of going to work and your car is missing, you could get extremely stressed which is a typical way of your consciousness communicating that you don’t really need things that could be missing. It is encouraging you to explore alternate ways to lead your life. There are several people who feel that they have woken up from such dreams with the feeling of having experienced reality. By dreaming about missing objects, you need to reflect whether they are really important or integral to your life and growth.

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