14 Daily Struggles That Only A Woman with Anxiety Will Understand and Relate To


When you have to work against a deadline or try out something new for the first time, the anxiety you experience during these times isn’t just temporary. Anxiety, itself is a constant presence that hits you at any random moment even when you have nothing to be anxious about. Dealing with anxiety can be tough and mentally draining, so organizing calming activities like cleaning, organizing, making to-do lists, and taking deep breaths every now and then can help in reducing or preventing anxiety from popping up. These here are some common struggles that people who struggle with anxiety have to deal with:

1It’s extremely annoying when people tell you to “just stop worrying about it”

If it were that simple to stop worrying about it no one would have had to go through such intense moments of stress, and how can anyone possibly stop worrying about how are they going to get all their work done and be on time for dinner? In this case, telling them to stop will only cause them to worry and stress over it more.

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2Among all the words in the English language “maybe” is the worst one

Anxiety is always triggered by uncertainty, and these days where everyone makes so loose plans, uncertainty tends to trigger the worst anxiety. It would be best to make plans in advance and then prepare for it.

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3Is the word “panic attack” used loosely by people?

A panic attack is not the same as freaking out. A panic attack can be a rather intense struggle with your negative emotions of everything not being fine or okay and perhaps never will be. People tend to cry bitterly while they feel like they aren’t able to breathe normally as the thought of things never working out or that nothing ever worked out before keeps playing on their minds along with the thought that they might just die.

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4Not being able to go back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night because of your pent up anxiety

When you tell your boss something like “you got a lot of stuff to take care of tomorrow but you have basically ruined everything today and now you’re going to be extremely tired after fixing it” they are probably going to hate you for it. Its thoughts like these which linger on your mind and even sometimes turn up in your dreams which could most likely be the cause of your sleep breaking in the middle of the night. These thoughts are also what prevent you from going to sleep again because they keep your mind active for as long as you think about them thereby preventing your mind from relaxing and falling off to sleep.

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5Even the tiniest things spark your anxiety

Getting anxiety over little things is quite common like you think your phone is going to run out of battery even though it is still at 53%. Other stuff like it’s your fault that you’re going to be late for work because you missed the train or why weren’t you invited to a neighborhood get-together, are some such moments which induce anxiety.

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