16 Clever Ways Grocery Stores Trick Customers Into Buying Things they Do Not Need


Have you ever gone to the grocery store just to buy a few eggs and bread only to leave with a huge bag full of stuff you don’t really need at the moment? Grocery stores and supermarkets have specially designed simple tactics that can trick customers into buying way more than they came for.

And yes, before you ask you to have fallen prey to these schemes, we all have. There are many different tricks the stores use to keep you inside longer, make you buy more than what you need or even trick you into buying rather expensive things.

1Strategically placing high-margin items

When you walk into a supermarket you know exactly what you want and then you see the crowd. You see all the people there trying to buy what they need and you can’t seem to remember what you came for as you can’t see much of the products. This is why they place high-margin items like flowers, bottled water, fruit juices at the entrance. While you try to figure out where you’re going first you may pick up something from here.

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2Spraying fruits and vegetables with water

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to selling more produce. How do you make your fruits and vegetable look more attractive? Spray some water on it! It will give the produce a glossy and shiny finish which people will misinterpret for being fresh or just picked.

3Lowering the prices of staple products

What are the few things you need on a daily basis? Milk, bread and eggs. These are the staple products everyone needs. So, what happens when we see them being sold for lower prices? We immediately believe all the products are being sold for a lower price. Some stores do this and hike up the prices of their other products and the customers are not aware they’re paying extra.

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4Making bigger shopping carts

Did you know that shopping carts were really invented to make people buy more things? Yes, it wasn’t for customer comfort but to boost sales. This theory was actually tested in an experiment. A supermarket lined up larger than normal shopping carts and saw people buying 40% more goods than usual.

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5Fresh produce at the entrance

Have you ever walked into a supermarket and were greeted by fresh produce? Do you think the store is trying to show off their fresh ingredients? No, they’re just making you happier. It has been proven that seeing and smelling fresh produce with vibrant colors as you enter the store puts customers in a happy mood.

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