15 Christmas Traditions The Royal Family Follows That May Surprise You


Every family has some traditions they follow during Christmas week. It is a cultural thing to respect and follow the traditions left by our elders. Even the royal family has some traditions they follow. These traditions were left to them by their elders and they have been following it for centuries.

“A Royal Christmas” by Louise Cooling is a book that details all the ancient traditions that the family has been following for centuries. We have all seen pictures and videos of what the royal family does during the Christmas season but some of their lesser-known traditions will surprise you.

1The Queen decorates the Christmas tree

Yes, even at the age of 93, the Queen herself decorates the Christmas tree. According to the royal family lore, it was Prince Albert who introduced the concept of the Christmas tree to the royal family when he married Queen Victoria in 1840. Today, the Queen herself decorates her tree with the help of others obviously. But, it is nice to see how much she enjoys doing it.

The Queen decorates the Christmas tree

Image Source: twimg.com

2They give out 1,500 Christmas puddings

Christmas is a time for celebrations and giving gifts. During this time the Queen and Prince Philip give out an estimated 1,500 Christmas puddings to staff throughout the palaces. They also give the pudding to the Court Post Office and palace police every year. This is a tradition that has been a part of the family for decades. The tradition was started by Queen Victoria who used to give it to her relatives.

They give out 1,500 Christmas puddings

Image Source: standard.co.uk

3They send out Christmas cards

Just like any family, even the royal one sends out Christmas cards. The card includes a photo of the entire royal family and well wishes. According to reports the Queen and Prince Philip send around 750 cards total. This is a really nice tradition that shows the family is still stuck to their roots instead of depending on technology.

They send out Christmas cards

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4Prince William and Prince Harry’s football games

According to reports on Christmas Eve Prince William and Prince Harry like to play a game of pick-up football or soccer. This is usually on their Sandringham Estate. On the teams are members of the staff and there are no fancy team t-shirts. Team William is known to wear Aston Villa socks while Team Harry wears Arsenal.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s football games

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5The Queen donates to local charities

Keeping up with the theme of giving that comes during this season, the Queen gives more than people think. During the season of love and joy, the Queen gives out to many charities across England. Even other members of the royal family donate during this time. The Queen even donates Christmas trees to churches and schools.

The Queen donates to local charities

Image Source: metro.co.uk


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