Bullied Child Grew Up To Become A Sylvester Stallone-Endorsed Rocky Impersonator


11Becoming a professional Rocky impersonator

In 2006, Mike won a look-a-like contest for Rocky impersonators and decided to make this his full-time job. He even wrote a memoir titled “Cue The Rocky Music” that got published in 2010 and ended up in the hands of Sylvester Stallone who was very proud of it and began endorsing Mike.

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12Going viral

When the image of Stallone holding Mike’s book went viral he got a ton of attention from social media and people wanting to know more about the Rocky impersonator. This gave Mike the boost he needed to start his own business called “The Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour”.

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13Gaining more popularity

Mike’s business was going great and things were working out for him and then Stallone came in and helped him once again. Impressed by his work, Stallone began promoting his tour via social media and Instagram. This saw a huge boost in Mike’s tour schedule. He used to do 3-4 tours a year and then he had to do around 20 a month.

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14The Pretender

Stallone was very happy with how Mike’s life was going and called him down to the sets of Creed II. Upon reaching the sets, Mike yelled out “Yo, Sly!” at Stallone which brought a smile to his face and the two had a long conversation. There was a documentary released in 2019 titled ‘The Pretender’ which was about Mike’s journey.

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