Bullied Child Grew Up To Become A Sylvester Stallone-Endorsed Rocky Impersonator


6The scene that hit home

One scene, in particular, hit home for Mike. It is the scene at the start of the first ‘Rocky’ movie where his boss tells him to stop being soft and do as he’s told. After his boss leaves, we’re left with Rocky all alone with sad, soothing music playing and trains running in the distance. This scene was made to show how different Rocky is from the rest of the world.

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7How Mike felt about this scene

This was the scene that made Mike fall in love with the character of ‘Rocky’. The two did not belong anywhere and were loners whom no one could understand. This made him feel a connection with the character and why Rocky became his hero. This became a turning point in Mike’s life. 

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8Life after graduation

Even after Mike grew up and finished his college he kept dressing like Rocky and watching his movies. He took up many jobs and always felt like his chances of becoming Rocky was getting bleaker. He even hit the gym and got in shape gaining a lot of muscle.

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9The night that changed his life

One day he got a call from the owners of The Victor Café which is in Philadelphia and was used as Adrian’s restaurant in the movies. They called him to invite him for Sylvester Stallone’s 60th birthday and this would be the night Mike met his childhood hero. At the café, the two talked about Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming ‘Rocky Balboa’ movie.

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10Sharing a laugh over impressions

When Mike met his childhood hero he started doing impressions of lines from the movie which impressed Stallone a lot. In Stallone’s own words he said that Mike was an incredible Stallone impersonator and gave him the idea to make it a full-time job. Naturally, Mike thought Stallone was being kind and didn’t take the advice to heart.

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