A Myth Got Busted After A New Species Of Wild Cat Discovered In Corsica, Meet The Cat-Fox


There is no denying the fact that this world is full of mysteries; some of them are being unraveled while some of them are still to be revealed. Cats are among the most popular options for pet lovers as nowadays many people like to keep cats at home but there are many breeds of cats and some of them are wild also. So we need to know about the breed of cat which we are keeping at home, however nowadays the most talked about cat is cat-fox which is being sighted on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. Here are some details about this cat-fox:

1A myth:

For a long time, this rare breed of cat was considered as a myth and it was just some shepherds and farmers who saw this animal. However, during an ongoing project which is being carried out by wildlife officers on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, this mystery of cat-fox was solved.

A myth

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2What genetic analysis revealed:

In local language, this mysterious animal is being called as ghjattu-volpe which translates to cat-fox. After its genetic analysis it was revealed that the animal which was considered as a myth can be one of the species of wildcat which has not been identified till date.

What genetic analysis revealed

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3The efforts of National Hunting and Wildlife Office (ONCFS)

The officers from National Hunting and Wildlife Office (ONCFS) of France have been making quite good efforts in order to make people aware of the cat-fox and its plight. The hard work of these officers can also help in protecting this species of wild cat.

The efforts of National Hunting and Wildlife Office (ONCFS)

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4What chief environmental technician says?

The chief environmental technician of National Hunting and Wildlife Office (ONCFS) in Corsica, Pierre Benedetti said that they believe that this species of natural wildcat was known earlier too but it is not recognized officially. Pierre is of the opinion that this has happened because it is noticed much as it is active mostly in the night time.

What chief environmental technician says

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