8 Places In This World Where Gravity Doesn’t Seems To Work


We all know about the gravitational force as we experience it in our daily lives, in fact, it is applied in all parts and all things of the planet Earth. It can be said pretty easily that we are able to live our lives in a proper manner because of gravitational force, otherwise, we all would have been flying in the air. Gravitational force is the force which pulls everything with mass on the ground and there is nothing on this Earth which is not affected with this force.

However, some exceptions are there and we are going to tell you about some places where gravity doesn’t work:

1Jeju mysterious road:

If you travel to Jeju city, South Korea then you should definitely visit the Jeju mysterious road which is called as Dokkaebi Road by the local citizens. The word mysterious is added to this road as gravity doesn’t have an effect on the objects on this road.


Image Source: bitesizedadventures.com

It has become a tourist spot:

Cars can be seen going uphill on this road in neutral gear without any acceleration. The stretch of this road is around 100 meters and it has become a tourist spot where people come to see gravity getting defied. People also pour water on the road to see it flow uphill and some stalls and shops have also been opened there in order to serve the tourists.


Image Source: tripadvisor.com

2Hoover Dam in Nevada, USA:

This dam is built on the border to two states of America, Nevada and Arizona. This arch-shaped dam which is built in the Black Canyon of Colorado River was originally known as Boulder Dam and it was renamed as Hoover dam in the year 1947. By doing a simple experiment, you can also ascertain that gravity gets defied on this 726.4 ft. tall dam.


Image Source: cloudfront.net

The experiment:

Take a water bottle, open it and try to drop water in the dam but the water will flow upwards rather than flowing down. The light weighted objects also fly upwards if they are thrown in the dam. Scientists say that it happens because of the shape of the dam which makes the air flow forceful in the upper direction.


Image Source: www.geek.com


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