18,000 Year Old Puppy Discovered Remarkably Preserved in Siberian Permafrost is the World’s Oldest Dog


There is much that we don’t know about the past of our planet and though occurring billions of years ago, remnants of prehistoric history lie buried within the earth. Archaeological technology and expertise in the fields sometimes lead to fantastic discoveries to give us an insight into our planet’s past, the latest being that of an 18,000-year-old puppy that has been found frozen and we’ll preserved in the permafrost of Siberia.

118,000 year old puppy discovered in Permafrost

The 18,000-year-old dog, when discovered last year, was confirmed by scientists as the oldest dog to be found and perhaps the first domesticated dog. The photos of course when released of the dog which scientists named Dogor went viral immediately. However, at the time it was yet to be ascertained if Dogor was a dog or wolf. What was confirmed was the age dating over 18000 years old which meant the creature could have been from the Pleistocene period.

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2Amazing photos of the well preserved animal

The photos of the 18,000-year-old puppy are amazing because of the natural preserved animal found in the permafrost of Siberia. Although the dog was discovered last year, scientists released information of their research and photos of the animal recently. Though there was some debate whether the animal was a dog or a wolf, the consensus was a dog because of the discovery being made in a region that was widely known for domesticating dogs.

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3A pathbreaking discovery that will yield a lot of genetic information

The Scientists who researched the animal was Love Dalen 44 and Dave Stanton 34 who declared it to be the first prehistoric dog. If the findings are verified and found true, it will mean a pathbreaking one because the scientists will gain information about how and when men started domesticating wolves.

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4They named it Dogor

The creature was named Dogor by the researchers which mean both dog and wolf. The dog was initially discovered by a Russian scientist and was taken to the Northern World Private Museum in Yakutsk. It was found also in the far east of Yakutsk well preserved in a lump of mud with all its teeth, hair, whiskers and eyelashes intact.

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