15 Simple Tips That Will Help You Recognize a Fake Item and an Original


11 For Balenciaga shoes

The heels of Balenciaga sneakers stand out in a very obvious way. This makes it easier to recognize a fake because most counterfeits don’t have this feature since their structure isn’t as strong. Not only that, but the curve on the front of the shoe is much stronger than it was on the originals.

If you look at the back of the shoe, you’ll see that the brand’s name is not in the middle. Even the letters are all different sizes and heights, and some seem to be more prominent than others.

For Balenciaga shoes

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12 For Ray-Bans

Ray-Ban lenses that have frames made of plastic are made in one piece. If the frame is made of metal, the middle part must be neat. Small details can be added, but nothing should stand out. Most of the time, the lenses are made of real glass, but some are made of plastic.

The Ray-Ban logo is usually present in the upper right corner of the right lens. You can’t get rid of it because it’s inscribed on the lens. The name of the company that made them is also inscribed on the outside of the temples. The item’s serial number is inscribed on the left, and on the right is usually the country where it was made.

For Ray-Bans

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13 For Lacoste polo

The details of the Lacoste crocodile are always very clear. It’s easy to see its eyes, teeth, legs, and red mouth. The crocodile’s body is bright green, and its tail runs parallel to its back. At the bottom of the polo’s neck is a white label with the logo and a red number showing the size. It’s one number for men’s models and two numbers for women’s models.


The buttons on a fake Lacoste polo shirt are an easy way to tell it apart. The original mother-of-pearl buttons on Lacoste clothes have two holes. They have no writing on them. The people who make replicas often forget that, so they use buttons with four holes. At the bottom of the men’s models, there are small openings about 1/2 inch deep on the sides of the polo shirt. When making clothes for women, the maker doesn’t make any cuts.

For Lacoste polo

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14 For Hermès handbags

First, look at the printing on the inside of the leather to see how the letters are made. The French accent on the letter E should be very elegant and not cut up like in the fakes. Also, the letters F and R in “France” look like they are stuck together, which would never happen on a real Hermès bag.

To recognize a fake item, you can look at the bag’s leather strap and the way it’s stitched. When you look at the stitching on a real bag, it looks much more elegant and perfect. On the other hand, the stitching on the fake bag is not as elegant and looks thicker in some places than that on the real bag.

For Hermès handbags

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15 For Timberland boots

The sole is a caramel color, but it seems a little see-through if you look at it closely. The company’s logo and the brand’s name are printed on them, and the sole’s shape is always uniform. The back of the heel doesn’t stick out but instead forms a straight line.


The logo is at the bottom of the boot, above the heel, and on the outside. Its print is uniform and clear and only on one side. The eyelets on the boots are perfect hexagons whose edges are perfectly rounded. There are 7 models for men and 6 models for women. White thread is used to sew all of the seams on the boots. If there are several seams close together, it’s clear that they run in the same direction.

For Timberland boots

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