15 Simple Tips That Will Help You Recognize a Fake Item and an Original


Since 2013, fake goods have been estimated to be worth $461 billion worldwide. For example, Nike is one brand that gets copied the most. Ray-Ban, Rolex, Supreme, and Louis Vuitton are some other famous brands that get copied a lot. Even though some copies look almost exactly like the originals, there are some minor differences that can help you recognize a fake. It helps to be aware of such things, and if you really want to know how to tell the difference between a real and a fake version of a branded product, here are 14 tips.

1 For Levi’s jeans

The back pockets of Levi’s jeans have an arch shape that might be the most recognizable thing about the brand. In the pocket’s middle is either a simple bow or a diamond-shaped arch. This detail is often incorrectly copied on counterfeit jeans.

Original jeans are usually stitched with orange thread, while many fakes use white thread. The red tag on the back pocket is the third sign that a pair of Levi’s jeans is not real. A real pair will have “Levi’s” written on the red tag, while a fake pair will just have the letter “R” on the red tag.

For Levi’s jeans

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2 For Gucci handbags

To recognize a fake item attempting to copy Gucci, first, look at the two letters “G” on the front of your bag. Serifs on the letter G should be long and thin, not thick. Also, the rounded part of the G should be oval, not circular and pointy. If the logo is fuzzy, it’s probably a counterfeit.


Pay close attention to the even stitching on a genuine Gucci bag. If your bag’s stitching looks uneven or is a different color than the bag itself, you should assume it is a fake.

For Gucci handbags

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3 For Nike shoes

The texture of Nike Air sneakers can’t be copied by people who make fakes. This is because both their materials and their devices are different. Genuine Nike shoes will have harder leather than counterfeits. You will need to look inspect the sneakers’ symmetry. Fake Nike sneakers are usually asymmetrical.

For Nike shoes

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4 For Supreme sweatshirts and hoodies

Two dark red labels are on the collar of this brand’s hooded and unhooded sweatshirts. The first one is bigger and features the brand’s name written in a circle around the letter R. The second one shows that it was made in Canada. The care instructions label, which should be on the inside of the item, should state that the item should not be ironed. Most people who make copies don’t pay attention to such detailing.

The letters on sweatshirts with embroidered logos should be in the same place on the red part, with enough space between them. Turning a real sweatshirt inside out reveals a fine mesh of white threads on the back of the logo.


The only thing that goes with the hoods on Supreme sweatshirts is flat laces that are tied at the ends. If the laces are round, burned at the ends, or have different kinds of ends, this is a sign that they are fake.

For Supreme sweatshirts and hoodies

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5 For Burberry scarves

A genuine scarf will always have distinct lines and a thick texture. The fringe yarns on a scarf should be tightly rolled and evenly spaced so that they do not unravel when touched. The brand name must be written in capital letters on the scarf’s label. In addition, the label must include information about where the scarf was made and what material it is made of.

For Burberry scarves

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