15 Before And After Images That Show Just How Destructive The Australian Bushfires Have Been


Every year Australia has a bushfire season where the temperatures are so high that small fires erupt which are easily controllable.  Unfortunately, there have been times when these fires went on a rampage and caused destruction and loss of life. One such time came recently in 2019 December.

Unfortunately, the fires that started at the end of December have not stopped and are still raging on in Australia. An estimated 800,000 hectares of land have been burned down and nearly half a billion animals have lost their lives. Here are some images of before and after the fires that will illustrate just how devastating these fires really were.

1Tathra Beach

Once it was a place for fun and a nice day at the beach but now it’s covered in burnt rubble and ash. Burnt pieces of wood and ash from the surrounding fires have gotten stuck on the beach and it is even hard to see thanks to all the smoke from the nearby fires.

Tathra Beach

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

2Mogo Wildlife Park

This privately owned zoo in Mogo, on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia kept a total of 42 different species of animals. It is one of only two zoos in Australia that exhibits white lions and mostly featured exotic species. Once the news of the fires hit the media, all the animals present in the zoo were moved away and kept in shelters for safety.

Mogo Wildlife Park

Image Source: digitalag.ro

3Cobargo Main Street

Cobargo is a village in the south-east area of the state of New South Wales in Australia in Bega Valley Shire. It is one of the more popular villages in Australia. Unfortunately, the fires did not spare this beautiful town. Among the victims of the fire 2500 buildings have been destroyed. A glimpse of which can be seen here.

Cobargo Main Street

Image Source: mediaset.es

4Genoa Bridge

The fire that started in 2019 December has been among the worst thanks to its intensity of the heat and temperature. This fire proved to be way harder to control despite all the efforts by the fire department. Celebs and social media have been quite quick to cover the issue as they did not want a repeat of the Amazon fire that happed in 2019.

Genoa Bridge

Image Source: digitalag.ro

5Kangaroo Island

The fires reaching Kangaroo Island have been grave concerns for ecologists as it houses a number of unique and endangered wildlife whose habitat has now been ruined and destroyed. The ecosystem of the place has been disrupted by the fires and will stay disrupted even when this calms down.

Kangaroo Island

Image Source: faktor.ba


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