13-Year-Old Indigenous Girl Has Been Nominated For The International Children’s Peace Prize


6Confronting the Canadian Prime Minister

In 2016, Autumn was invited to give Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a gift during the winter meeting of the Assembly of First Nations. Instead of a gift, she gave him a message by publicly telling him how disappointed she was by his choices. She later gave a phone interview where she elaborated on what she meant.

Confronting the Canadian Prime Minister

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7Why was she angry?

She said during her interview that she was frustrated with Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau’s failure to provide clean water to First Nation communities. She also spoke about his decision to greenlight controversial pipeline projects that were going to do more harm than good. She also said that as a leader he should be held accountable for the promises he makes.

Why was she angry?

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8Gaining international fame

This act of defiance for the betterment of nature and a community led many people to talk about Autumn. This brought up the topic of how the growing climate crisis and the role of indigenous people and their rights can make a change. Reports indicated that Indigenous people inhabit only 25 percent of the earth but protect more than 80 percent of the earth’s biodiversity.

Gaining international fame

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9The chief water commissioner

In April of 2019, she was made the chief water commissioner by the Anishinabek Nation. This was a great day for Autumn as this was a position that was previously held by her great-aunt Josephine Mandamin. She comes from a family that has been trying to protect their natural environment as well as the rights of Indigenous people for generations.

The chief water commissioner

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10Her vital role

In today’s world where leaders are corrupt, it comes down to the youths to educate others their age to do what is right and to make them aware of the atrocities that are plaguing the world around them. So, when a child of her age speaks out about the truth, the whole world listens. This is exactly what we need right now – young people educating other young people about what is happening in the world today.

Her vital role

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