11 Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Your Varicose Veins At Home


7Physical activity

One of the main keys to treat most of the health issues is regular physical activity. Physical activity can be a good preventive measure for those who are just in the early stages of varicose veins. You should avoid performing exercises which would apply too much pressure on your legs. Running isn’t considered for treating this condition as the vein swelling can be aggravated and increased.

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8Walking is good for varicose veins

The more activities you perform, the faster will be the circulation of blood in your body. You would have to do this as it can reduce the unpleasant feeling of varicose veins. Daily walking, yoga, flexing and stretching are effective treatments for varicose veins as blood circulation is boosted by physical exercises.

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9Lifestyle changes

The discomfort caused by varicose veins can be decreased just by changing your lifestyle. You should avoid standing or sitting for a long period of time, especially if your job requires you to sit at a desk. To avoid the reduction of blood flow, you should change your position frequently. If possible, you could do short stretching exercises so as to improve blood flow.


Avoid wearing high heels frequently and for longer periods of time. You don’t have to get rid of your high heels but you don’t have to wear them the entire day. Your calf muscles can be toned with low heels and blood flow can increase through your veins.

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10Gentle massage

Circulation of blood in your body can be assisted with the help of massage, mostly for your legs. You would have to be gentle when you massage the varicose veins, digital pressure should be avoided on big veins, wriggling and stripping. When massaging your legs, flat fingertip pressure or gentle full palm pressure is advised. You have to move from heels to ankles when massaging and you should stop the massage when you feel any kind of discomfort. After that elevate your legs.


Varicose veins can’t be completely reduced just by massaging gently. But they can drastically change the discomfort feeling as the blood flow to your limbs is improved. Massaging improves circulation.

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11For large feeding veins: laser ablation

Laser ablation is one of the most common methods for treating varicose veins. When none of the above-mentioned treatments and the discomfort and swelling become unbearable, laser ablation is normally suggested.


A tube consisting of a laser at its ends is passed into a diseased vein. The vein walls are sealed by the heat emitted by the laser so as to stop the flow of blood through it. Then a stripping device is used to remove the vein. This method is much simpler than regular surgery and leaves minimal cuts on the legs.

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