11 Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Your Varicose Veins At Home


3Dietary support and weight control

Diet, just as important as regular exercise, is a solution to many health-related issues. A body which is healthy from the inside will appear healthy on the outside too. You should consume foods which consist of Vitamins E and C, as they can provide your body with a good amount of anti-oxidants. For the manufacturing of elastin and collagen, Vitamin C is required and it will help to keep your veins strong too. Vitamin E can help in making your veins look less like a spider type design.

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4Eat foods rich in fiber

Foods which are rich in fiber should not be avoided as they can reduce the pressure applied on your veins and also prevent constipation. You should include peas, beans, apples, oats, flax seeds and whole grain foods in your diet.

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5Maintain your weight and a balanced diet

Varicose veins aren’t caused by gaining extra weight. Various factors like an imbalanced diet, lack of exercise and an inactive lifestyle can lead to varicose veins. You would have to maintain a healthy weight so as to reduce the applied weight on your legs.

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6Herbal remedies

It has been shown by studies that venous insufficiency symptoms like restless legs, swelling and cramping can be treated with some herbal medicines. Spider veins can be treated by dietary supplements like rutin, Gotu kola and grapeseed extract. They are sold as ointments, pills and even capsules.

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