15 Drugstore Products That Can Be Used As Beauty Treatments Hacks


11Baby powder for greasy hair

Washing long hair in the morning is an annoying task. No one likes to do it but pretty hair is a must for every girl. So how do you deal with greasy hair? One simple tip is to apply baby powder t your rots before sleeping. This will absorb the grease and give you another day before you have to wash your hair.

Baby powder for greasy hair

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12Use glue to make nail polish peel off

Glitter nail polish is hard to remove. One simple trick you can use is to replace the base coat with glue. Any white glue will do. Apply it to your nails like a base coat and let it dry. Then apply the nail polish. When the time comes to remove, you can just peel it off.

Use glue to make nail polish peel off

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13A spoon for the perfect winged liner

Winged liner can be hard to perfect. There are all sorts of tools out there to get it right. But all you really need is a spoon. Use the handle to draw a straight line at the edge. Then use the bulb of the spoon to create a curve. Fill out the edge and then just connect it to the other side.

A spoon for the perfect winged liner

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14Toilet seat covers can be used as blotting paper

Many places offer toilet seat covers. These are made of similar material as blotting paper for makeup. So if you don’t have any blotting paper, use a toilet seat cover from a dispenser to blot excess oils or makeup. Make sure the covers are hygienically stored.

Toilet seat covers can be used as blotting paper

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15Rubber bands fix French manicures

This is one of the easiest tricks there is. Simply wrap a rubber band tightly around your finger so it lies straight on the nail. Just use nail polish to touch up the part that is sticking out. You will be saved from a visit to your nail parlor.

Rubber bands fix French manicures

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