What Happens If You Use Essential Oils Too Often?


4Some essential oils increase skin’s vulnerability to sunlight

When we are aware of how harmful the overuse of essential oils can be, sun-sensitivity can cause the most damage. Photosensitizers like essential oils can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Such oils include bergamot oil and citric oils. Citrus fruits contain a furocoumarin compound, which results in chemical burns when open to sunlight. In many severe cases, even a few minutes under sunlight can give rise to welts and blisters. Perhaps you are not aware that plants produce furocoumarin as a shield counter to fungi, insects, and animals. So, think twice before using such oils.

Some essential oils increase skin's vulnerability to sunlight

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Apart from the skin problems, allergic reactions caused by essential oils can affect the respiratory system as well as the eyes. If you use aromatic oils, problems like runny nose, sneezing, and congestion can take place. Though there’s not much danger of allergies, they can sometimes worsen. If you are suffering when they get worsen, then you have to see a doctor without any kind of delay. That’s another vital thing you should write down in your diary before using the essential oil.

It's the season of sneezes

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6Risks for pregnant women

There are some essential oils that contain impurities and flavorings, which can be quite harmful to pregnant women. These oils have notorious sensitivity to tastes and smells, which can result in nasty side effects. If pregnant women use such oils, they can get in touch with any vertigo, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, and headache. Despite all, the oils used on the skin can soak into the placenta and cause damages to the baby. In rare cases, pregnancy may end in miscarriage.

Risks for pregnant women

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