11 Ways That Your Body Is Signaling You That Something Is Wrong


Have you ever had a craving to do something and it has puzzled you as to why suddenly your body is acting that way? The sudden urge to eat sugar, or chew on ice, or eat packets of chips because you just have to have something salty in your mouth? It can be a weird feeling no doubt and it is associated with your health. Experts now say that such feelings or cravings are also due to a lack of minerals and vitamins in the body. They could also be a sign of an underlying health issue which is why when a sudden urge develops over a prolonged period of time, its wise to pay attention to it and figure out why it is happening. This is a list of things your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong so you can do something about it.

1Creepy crawly sensation in your legs

Have you ever had the feeling that a whole bunch of ants are crawling over your legs and feet? If such weird sensations in your legs and feet are experienced daily, then here’s what it could be. The feeling is as if insects are crawling over your legs, tingling, creeping or the urge to keep moving your leg. It could be due to restless leg syndrome which is a long-term disorder that usually manifests at night especially when you are trying to get rest.

What you can do about it

You can try taking a warm bath or shower which is one of the remedies for restless leg syndrome. This is because the heat relaxes muscles and prevents twitching and spasms in the leg. Epsom’s salts added to the bathwater can reduce pain.


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2Thickening of the skin

Skin problems should never be underestimated or ignored. If your skin becomes itchy or thick, it could denote several internal problems such as allergies, eczema or hormonal problems like thyroid disorder that causes dry and itchy skin. If your problems are getting worse, consult a doctor and consider some tests because conditions like diabetes and kidney problems also cause itchiness.


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3A change in handwriting, a loss of smell, and intense dream

You must have heard of Parkinson’s disease but it isn’t a disease whose symptoms everyone knows about unless they have got it or someone in the family has. Doctors say that the signs of Parkinson’s include slowness of movement, poor sleep, sleep with intense dreams and nightmares, speech changes, changes in handwriting and other changes in cognitive habits.


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