Unique Blood Test Detects Five Types of Cancers FOUR YEARS Before Symptoms Appear


8It also identified those that were healthy

The testing method involves identifying any tell-tale possible signs of cancer and possible growth of tumors by checking for tiny levels of DNA released by tumors in into the blood. The test was also able 95% accurate in identifying those samples that were healthy.

It also identified those that were healthy

Image Source: www.cancertodaymag.org

9Cancer detection is the main focus in the health industry today

Today it is cancer detection through blood tests that have become the prime focus in cancer research. Scientific studies in recent years now provide patients a much better way to diagnose cancer and avoid invasive surgery. The researchers said that the new test and research thereof was unique simply because they had access to blood samples from asymptomatic patients. This helped them to develop a testing method that was able to identify cancer markers earlier than a conventional cancer diagnostic test today.

Cancer detection is the main focus

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10Once circulated will revolutionize the cancer testing

The study said “These results demonstrate that cancer can be non-invasively detected up to four years before current standard of care.’ Hopefully, larger research will continue for the new blood test that can detect five types of cancers. If it is a success, it will indeed revolutionize the testing methods and the fight against cancer.

Once circulated will revolutionize the cancer testing

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