13 Things We Do Wrong After the Gym That Make Our Training Useless


9Consuming ibuprofen when your muscles are too sore

Scientists have revealed that the process of muscle building and gaining mass starts diminishing in the body if you take medications like ibuprofen. It only erases all your hard work you put into your workouts and slows down your progress in reaching your fitness goals.

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10Eat the wrong things

After burning a bunch of calories from your workout it won’t do you any good to treat yourself on junk and unhealthy foods. Eating a high protein and less calorie meal would be ideal to increase your overall gains. In particular avoid sweet, savory, and fried foods which are generally just carbs and fats.


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11Linger around

There are many people at the gym who after working out still remain at the gym lingering around and sometimes getting in the way of others. Once, you are done working out, head straight for the locker room to cool down or drink a protein shake, instead of moping around or sitting on machines and equipment which people are using or trying to use.


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12Overusing the foam roller

Runners are the ones who mainly use the foam rollers the most at gyms. Foam rolling does have various health benefits and it even helps in reducing soreness and muscle fatigue. However, overdoing it will only get you counterproductive results. Research on this, suggests that too much foam rolling can result in muscle and nerve trauma. Remember everything is good in moderation.


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13Not change your sweaty workout clothes

If you are one who works out diligently then your clothes is going to be dripping with sweat once you’re done. But, it’s still necessary to wear something as it helps your body while recovering during cooling off. So, either change into some dry clothes or take a cool shower. Either way, staying in the sweaty clothes will only leave you with bad body odor and bacteria remaining on you.


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