13 Things We Do Wrong After the Gym That Make Our Training Useless


Satisfaction with life has been reported to be greater in those people who exercise regularly in comparison to those who don’t. While exercise helps in improving overall health, there are many post-workout mistakes we tend to make which makes our physical routine less effective. Post workouts also need some activity and proper cooling-off periods which many make a mistake in. This makes your entire training useless. Here are some such mistakes which you might be doing and what to do about it.

1 Passive cool-down

When you stay in absolute rest like sitting on a couch, lying on your bed, or watching TV for a while, after your workout routine, it is referred to as a passive cool-down. According to scientists, this is a mistake as your body tends to progressively recover from all the strenuous exercises which you performed. An active cool-down wherein a little bit of movement is required by your body would be more beneficial. You can do this by simply doing some chores around the house or some other activity.

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2Not eating anything

Our muscle fibers get stretched out when we exercise while glycogen is used to fuel the body. For this reason we must replenish these loses as soon as possible. It would be best to eat a post-workout meal consisting of protein and less carbs, at least 30 minutes after your workout. In addition, to developing your muscles by consuming protein, you will also be consuming the calories which will replenish your depleted glycogen levels. This will help you get through your day without feeling too exhausted. Fruit and milk or meat would be a good option for a post-workout meal.

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3Not rehydrating yourself properly

Water is needed by the body in order to fulfill all of its biological functions properly. Thus, after exercising it is critical that we replenish the water which was lost during exercise. However, if you prefer drinking energy drinks, then drink it before your workout. Research and experiments have shown that energy drinks are effective in boosting your performance but also tend to raise your blood pressure, blood glucose, and heart rate. Such effects on your body don’t allow it to quickly normalize its physiological levels. As such, it would be more beneficial to keep yourself hydrated with water instead of consuming energy drinks to preserve all the health benefits you acquire while working out.

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4Not keeping yourself warm

Your core body temperature tends to rise due to the effort exerted by you when working out. While you may feel like staying only in a tank top, it is crucial that you keep your clothes on because your body starts working hard on its recovery from all the stress of working out. According to an analysis, it even lowers the body’s defenses making it prone to virus or a common cold. Make it a habit to keep on your clothes when cooling down from a workout, especially in winters as this helps in preventing a sudden temperature change.

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