10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Sit For Just 8 Hours a Day



According to the Lancelet Journal, almost 5.3 million people die from hyponymy every year and among them 5 million were because of cigarette smoking-related disease. The ends of chromosomes contain telomeres that protect them from damage. Aging shortens the telomeres and lack of physical activity made telomeres shorten faster. Every hour of sitting can cost you two hours of your life.

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8Mental Distress and Anxiety

A sedentary lifestyle impacts our mental health severely and lack of physical activity also results in depression and anxiety. It is the chair that becomes an island of loneliness. Research has also found that frequent sitting reduces endorphins that are generally increased when you exercise.


Regular exercising can improve health and mood to a great extent and it also improves self-esteem and boosts confidence. Physical activity improves serotonin and reduces the imbalances that influence depression and cause conditions like memory problems or lack of appetite.

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Lack of exercise or physical activity also leads to poor quality of sleep or insomnia. Constantly sitting is translated by your body as being at rest even though you may be mentally active and alert. By resting the whole day, your body interprets it as having had sleep and then decides that there is no need for it any longer. Exercising gets rid of insomnia and improves sleep quality.

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10Performance Problems

Lack of movement makes fat deposits grow larger and this also leads to hormonal imbalances. Estrogen which is the female hormone gets produced in fat tissue which explains why men develop pot bellies which are very hard to get rid of.

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What to do

There are many offices that have installed indoor games like foosball tables for employees to remain active or get some physical activity. But besides this you can use normal lifestyle opportunities to get some physical exercise without taking time out for it. Use the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Go for a walk during your lunch break. Scientists advocate the following.

  • Frequent long walks
  • Don’t sit when riding public transport
  • Walk to your colleague’s desk instead of calling them on the phone
  • Organize standing meetings more often
  • Take short breaks from work to perform simple stretching

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