7 Signs Your Intense Workout Can Actually Harm You


5Losing muscles

Over-training prevents your body from getting the rest it requires for recuperating from the strenuous workout it endured. Your body needs to rest and heal in order to rebuild stronger muscles. So, when it doesn’t get sufficient rest which causes muscles to break down more than it should and rebuild slowly. As result, this leads to muscle loss and in certain cases even in injury. If there is excess water retention, you could also look rather bloated.

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6Chronic injuries

Chronic injuries are injuries that do not go away or keep reoccurring because you over-exercise your body without giving it enough time to recover. This is why muscles are not able to develop because they remain unhealed. Pattern overload can even cause these injuries to occur and this will tell you that you have been repeating the same exercise for far too long without making any changes in it.


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7It becomes difficult to fall asleep

When we over-exercise it could result in stress hormones being produced in excess and this could be the reason why you aren’t able to fall asleep at night. Nevertheless, your body still requires a proper amount of sleep in order to heal and repair your worn out muscles. Hence, over-exercising can lead to a vicious cycle.


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How can you offset over-training?

By eating healthy


Having both macronutrients as well as micronutrients in all your meals is extremely necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and improving your physique. Your meal should never consist only of proteins. It should include sufficient amounts of carbohydrates and fats as well since carbohydrates are needed for the production of energy in your body while fats help in the release of testosterone and other growth-related hormones. All nutrients help in racking up muscle mass if your goal is to gain more muscle.

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