8 Major Signs That Your Body Is Producing Too Much Estrogen


As everyone knows, the main female hormone is estrogen. It is responsible for several functions primarily development and regulation of the reproductive system. It is also responsible for development of female characteristics such as underarm hair, breast growth and the menstrual cycle. While estrogen is necessary, it is also important to keep it under control and within normal levels. Excess estrogen can be dangerous and put women at risk of cancer. If estrogen increases in the body, it can manifest through different signs. Here are ten main warning signs of excess estrogen in females.

1What are the causes of excess estrogen production?

Estrogen levels can increase in the body because of two main reasons. These are during the times of pregnancy and puberty. However, estrogen levels can also increase because of other reasons such as diet or even environment.

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2Estrogen levels can go haywire because certain foods

Today, estrogen levels can go haywire and it has become easy to increase estrogen because of the innumerous food products available. Moreover, estrogen is also found in foods because of the presence of pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones present in them. This is why whenever you purchase any packaged product, it is necessary to check the ingredients mentioned on the labels. Check also the description and how or where the product was produced.

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3Lifestyle can also contribute to changes in estrogen levels

Estrogen can also increase because of lifestyle reasons like dietary and addictive habits such as excess consumption of alcohol, excess usage of medication, and issues like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stress and obesity. It is these main factors that contribute to an excess of estrogen in women. This is why it is important for women to pay attention to these 8 warning signs of excess estrogen and go to the doctor as soon as you notice them. If estrogen levels increase, these are the signs what you may feel.

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