13 Ways You Can Reduce Face and Neck Fat and Say Goodbye to That Double Chin


5Learn how to whistle and let it show

You are lucky if you know how to whistle. If you can’t, you should practice it. According to specialists, Whistling is a good exercise for your neck muscles and face and it even helps to prevent a double chin from forming. You should sit with your back upright and keep your shoulders down while looking up a bit. Then whistle for 10-20 seconds at least 8-10 times.

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6Add whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables in your diet

If you want to follow a balanced diet that can help you lose fat, then substitute refined carbs with whole grains which are beneficial for losing fat. It is essential to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they can nourish and improve skin elasticity and make your skin soft. To remove toxins from the skin, Consume selective water-rich foods like melons, and cucumbers, etc. To improve skin health, consume tomatoes, pumpkin, bell peppers and garlic, as they promote collagen production in the body.


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7Drink more water

If you want to lose weight and fat, water can be your soulmate. You can boost your metabolism by drinking sufficient amounts of water. Some experts have stated that facial puffiness, fluid retention and bloating can be reduced if your body stays hydrated. If your body is always hydrated, you can avoid facial sagginess and the elasticity of your skin will be maintained.


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8Reduce sodium and sugar intake

The fluid retained in the body can be decreased by reducing the sodium intake in your daily balanced diet. Fluid retention is the main cause of bloating and facial puffiness. This gives fat and elderly look to the skin around your face. If you want to achieve a slim neck and face, you should avoid consuming sugar and other sweet products. You could substitute them with fresh fruits and a lot of water instead.


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