13 Possible Reasons Your Urine Smells Awful, According to Doctors


Your pee is the barometer of your health. Historically physicians and healers all over the world have used this logic to diagnose the severity of illnesses by the smell and look of it. In today’s modern health care infrastructure our urine is a window to a whole lot of health conditions which we might have. It gives us clues about the level of hydration in our body, filtration process, renal and bladder health, urinary tract, cardiac, hormonal and sleep health. So, foul-smelling urine could be a red flag for a number of health issues which needs to tackled. If your urine smells, here’s what it could mean.

1You’re simply dehydrated.

If you are dehydrated your pee gets concentrated which gives it strong ammonia like smell. The waste products in our kidneys do not have enough water to dilute it when we excrete them. When the strong smell is compounded by a darker tint as well, it is a hint that you need to grab a bottle of water and chug it down now!

You’re simply dehydrated.

Image Source: mnn.com


2A UTI or bladder infection could be to blame.

This problem is usually seen in ladies when they have smelly urine caused by bladder infection or Urinary tract Infection. This is a very common problem and affects nearly 40-60% of women who suffer from it at least once in their lives while 1-4 women may suffer this, multiple times. According to doctors, healthy urine should be a sterile fluid and presence of bacteria adds the pungent odour in it.

A UTI or bladder infection could be to blame.

Image Source: clevelandclinic.org


3You have a yeast infection.

This occurs when there is a fungal growth in the vaginal area and vulva that affects many women in their lives. Though the infection itself is not directly related to the smell of the urine but when the bacteria and infection comes in contact with your pee, the chemical reaction between the 2 creates the foul smell. This usually confuses the ladies as they think that the smell is coming from the infection of some sort in the urine itself.

You have a yeast infection.

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4You just drank lots of coffee.

Many may not know but coffee has a diuretic effect on the body, which means it makes you release water from your body leaving it dehydrated and thus creating strong ammonia smelling pee. Adding to this the metabolic (the by-products) produced in the process when your body breaks down the coffee also influences the smell of urine. But there is nothing alarming about it, just keep yourself-hydrated after your bout of coffee.

You just drank lots of coffee.

Image Source: medicalnewstoday.com


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