If You Belong To the O Blood Group, Here Are 12 Important Things You Need To Know About It


5Those with O negative blood are universal donors

Thos who have O positive blood type can also donate their blood to all 4 subgroups of the RH positive group which is O+, A+, B+, AB+). Those belonging to O negative are called universal donors and can give blood to all 8 blood groups.

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6It is the most required blood group and can save the life of a person in emergencies

This is the most sought after blood group for emergency transfusions. O negative blood can potentially save the life of a person requiring blood before a crossmatch can be made. O- ve blood is safest for newborns with underdeveloped immune systems.


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7Type O blood individuals can receive type O blood only

While the type O blood group can give to others, it is not so in the case of receiving blood. O+ve can only receive form O+ve and O-ve blood groups and O-ve can only receive from the same O-ve groups. In any emergency, if there is no supply of O- blood, or if it is less, O+ve can be considered in such cases.


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8Health risks of O groups

Blood biochemistry also impact’s our health as shown by various studies. The topic however, is still a matter of research. In particular, it is considered that those with O Blood type have an increased risk of bacterial and viral infections in the blood and these could also include the severe ones like plague, cholera, mumps, and tuberculosis.


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