11 Innocent Signs and Symptoms That Mean Your Body Is Flooded With Toxins


Today being healthy is a challenge but not impossible. It is more or less the toxins that we get pumped into our own bodies either from surroundings, improper diets or bad habits like smoking. Toxins are present everywhere even in the water we drink and in our food like chemicals and preservatives. Your smartphone is also a hotbed of toxins and bacteria that can enter your body. Most health issues that plague us today are mainly because of toxins present in our bodies that even put us at risk of autoimmune diseases. Once they accumulate, they increase beyond levels to make us sick with various health conditions. Here are 11 signs your body is full of toxins.

1You keep suffering from constipation

There are a lot of food ingredients today that contain a lot of chemicals and because we don’t really read the fine print, we end up consuming them. These could be anything from colorants, preservatives to artificial flavoring. It is our intestines that have to face the brunt of these toxins whose buildup leads to an upset tummy and even constipation. Consuming organic food, a healthy diet and reducing or avoiding alcohol while drinking a lot of water can resolve the problem.

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2You have brain fog

If you are constantly feeling dizzy, confused or lack the ability to focus and concentrate even when you wake up in the morning in spite having a good night’s sleep, it could be the result of harmful toxins in the body. The presence of toxins dries up essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that the body depends on to function and as such it becomes dysfunctional.

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3You have constant body odor and deodorants don’t help

This is a big sign of toxins messing up your body. Even though you shower, and apply deo, you still stink and people move away from you when you get near them. It means that toxins are causing that stink because once they are digested; they produce gas and odors that escape from through sweat and the pores on your body.

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4Aching joints and muscles are making you feel run down

You haven’t done much exercise at the gym or haven’t done any excess physical activity yet you keep feeling fatigued and run down. You experience joint and body pain for no reason which means it could be toxins at work inside you. One of the common signs of toxin buildup and inflammation is body ache and pain. Detoxing helps in reducing the inflammation.

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