10 Not So Innocent Hygienic Habits That Are Secretly Ruining Our Health


Most of us like to believe that our daily health and hygiene routine is perfect and it keeps us safe from infections and germs infestations. We are super careful in public toilets and transport. We wash and dry our hands from the dryer wash our dishes diligently by soaking them overnight etc. But recent studies have shown that these habitual and seemingly harmless activities are actually detrimental to our health and it has been so for a long time. Here are innocent hygienic habits that are not as healthy as we thought.

1Soaking dishes in a sink

Our kitchen sink is the perfect biozone for bacterial growth, germs especially like Salmonella, Colon Bacillus or staphylococcus. They cause serious intestinal disorders and in order to avoid it, one must scrupulously scrub the sink after all the dishes are done and especially after raw fish or meat as been washed in it. Soaking the dishes may seem convenient but it is dangerous.

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2Washing hands with hot water

The temperature of water does not actually have any bearing over the elimination of germs and bacteria from our hands. It is better to wash our hands properly for at least 7 minutes under room temperature rather than a quick rinse in hot water. Further, regular exposure to hot water may affect the skin making it too dry and brittle causing dermatitis.

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3Working out with makeup on

Most people rush to the gym immediately after work and do not bother about removing makeup as they think it’s an utter waste of time as they are going be sweaty and filthy anyways and will have a shower after the workout. But what they do not understand is that that our skin also needs to breathe in and clean itself through sweating and makeup clogs the pores. This makes us prone to skin problems, so it is always better to remove makeup before slugging it out in the gym.

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