8 Important Weight Loss Habits Beginners Need To Keep In Mind to Lose Weight Faster


Weight gain and obesity is by far one of the fastest-growing problems faced by people worldwide. It isn’t easy to lose weight and to do so you need to remain committed to yourself rather than your diet and exercise, you need to want to see that fat being reduced and burnt slowly but surely each time you look into the mirror. Once you ingrain that attitude within yourself, your exercise and diet routines just fall into place. That being said, with all the useless information being circulated, awareness is of vital importance to losing weight. Take for example the participants of study who researched the importance of the right type of dieting and meal routines lost 3 kgs after 12 weeks. They also reduced their risk of heart disease and diabetes. This shows that you need to stick to healthy habits to lose weight without restricting any specific kind of food. Here are 8 tips that can help you manage your weight loss programme to transform your body.

1Drink 8-9 glasses of water per day

For weight loss, water is extremely important. Moreover, with the amount of physical activity and exercise, water helps you remain hydrated. It also helps in digestion and keeps you satiated. Drink a glass of water thirty minutes before a meal. Research has shown that this practice increased weight loss by 44% over a period of 3 months. That’s quite an impressive result.

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How much water men and women need to drink

Experts of weight loss recommend that men drink at least 12 to 13 cups of pure water and 9 cups for women per day. This will ensure you stay hydrated and will eliminate toxins from your body which are the worst culprits that cause weight gain or even throwing our hormones out of gear that also results in an increase of weight. Drinking a lot of water also leads to less hunger.

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2Don’t be afraid of avocados

There are certain foods that can help you towards weight loss. Avocados, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, apples and carrots all contain soluble fiber that is extremely good for maintaining weight and overall health. Fiber reduces your risk of heart disease and diabetes. One study found that every 10 grams of fiber you increase in your body, it decreases fat content by 3.7%. Nutritionists recommend you consume at least 25-38 grams of fiber per day.

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3Sit facing away from the food displayed at restaurants

This is a proven fact that may seem simple for many but there are those who may not avoid it. Practice, in this case, makes perfect and by sitting facing away from those savouries and cakes, your longing for it decreases. It is advisable to sit in a café or restaurant facing away from the displays or food counters so that you don’t end up looking at long rows of cakes, pastries and different food.

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