11 Important Signs That Show You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water


9You start getting hunger pangs

Dehydration will cause you to crave food and this will happen quite often throughout the day. At midnight you can even wake up craving a late-night snack. But, when you eat more food, it creates more work for your body. Simply drinking water purifies your organs and supplies it with the fuel that is necessary for the functioning of other processes in the body.

You start getting hunger pangs

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10You take long to recover from illness

Water flushes out the toxins from your system after your organs work to filter out certain waste products. But, by not drinking enough water you won’t be able to fuel your organs properly. This forces your organs to draw out water from the stored areas of your body for instance your blood leading to further problems.

You take long to recover from illness

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11Your joints start paining

The spinal discs and cartilages in your body are made up of about 80% water. This stops the bones from grinding against each other at every movement you make. This means that water is absolutely necessary to ensure that your joints continue to absorb the shock of sudden movements like jumping, falling awkwardly, running and so on.

Your joints start paining

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12How to remember to drink enough water in a day?

It’s really simple actually. You can do away with your habit of not drinking enough water in a day by always keeping a bottle of water near you. Take it with you even when you go out. But, don’t just keep with you; Drink from it as well! Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water which is almost 2 liters every day.

Girl drinking water

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