11 Important Signs That Show You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water


5You feel lethargic and fatigued

When your body is dehydrated it borrows water from the blood leading to the blood getting dehydrated. A lack of water in the blood results in oxygen not being transported properly throughout the body. This may result in fatigue and lethargy, and an overall decrease in stamina which can render coffee useless as well.

You feel lethargic and fatigued

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6Your muscles decrease in mass

The muscles mainly comprise of water as well so when there is less water in your body, the less muscle mass you have. By drinking water before, during, and after your workouts, you will definitely remain hydrated. In doing so, you even decrease the possible chances of developing inflammation and soreness which are commonly caused by exercise and weightlifting.

Your muscles decrease in mass

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7You start experiencing premature aging

As you age, your body’s capacity to retain water starts decreasing. This means that you should increase your water intake as you grow older. By depriving yourself of water, your insides will get damaged over time while you will notice that you age prematurely on the outside.

You start experiencing premature aging

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8You start having problems with digestion

Drinking water keeps the mucus membrane and the digestive system hydrated and functioning properly. However, not drinking enough water causes the mucus to lessen and lose its strength in the stomach. This allows the stomach acid to damage your insides leading to indigestions and heartburn.

You start having problems with digestion

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