11 Important Signs That Show You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water


When you think of a refreshing drink you rarely ever think that a tall, ice-cold glass of water could possibly be an option. But, no one can deny the fact that sometimes, a simple glass of water can be more satisfying than a can of soda or a cup of coffee. Even while knowing this there are many who still are not drinking enough water regularly. This is because they prefer to quench their thirst with sweet sugary sodas or coffee.

Not drinking enough water will only deprive your body of the world’s most natural resource and will ultimately result in damaging your own body. How to know if you aren’t drinking your daily requirement of H2O? Here are 11 signs which you will experience when you don’t drink enough water.

1 You are always thirsty

One of the biggest indications that you are not drinking enough water is when you are always feeling thirsty. Remaining thirsty can lead to even more complications such as a ‘desert-like tongue’. People who consume alcohol and have a hangover the next day know this feeling very well. This is because alcohol dehydrates the entire body which makes you want to drink more water. You start drinking water until your fluid levels are back to baseline. In this case, you need to listen to what your body is telling you.

You are always thirsty

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2Your mouth will turn dry

One of the most obvious signs of not drinking enough water is your mouth becoming dry. Whenever your mouth gets dry you will want to reach for some liquid. But, drinking sugary drinks is not a solution. Drinking water is absolutely necessary because water lubricates the mucus membranes in your mouth and throat. Only this will keep your mouth moist with saliva for a fairly long time even after the first sip.

Your mouth will turn dry

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3Your eyes become dry

Not having enough water in your system can even cause your eyes to get dry besides your mouth and throat. Your eyes can turn dry and bloodshot because your tear ducts dry up. This can do much more harm to your body than you know, especially if you wear contacts every day.

Your eyes become dry

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4Your skin becomes dry

The skin is the largest organ of the human body which is why it needs to be well hydrated. Dry skin is one of the initial signs of full-on dehydration. This can lead to further problems. When there is a lack of water in your body, you start lacking sweat. This will lead to your body losing the ability to wash away the excess oil and dirt which accumulated on your skin throughout the day. This can even cause skin allergies and breakouts which can easily be prevented by simply drinking enough water.

Your skin becomes dry

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