10 Easy and Healthy Life Hacks That Will Make Your Body Feel As Good As New


7Drink hydrolyzed collagen instead of applying it to your skin

The effects of aging is first noticed in the skin and many try applying moisturizers, serums and creams rich in collagen to help the skin retain its elasticity. Collagen or hydrolyzed collagen cannot penetrate skin to bind with other proteins for skin health. You need supplements to do that. Hydrolyzed collagen reduces the rate of aging effects by 27%. It can improve your muscles, bone health and prevents bone loss as well as relieves joint pain.

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8Whiten your teeth with fruit

Did you know that you can whiten your teeth with fruit?  If your teeth start showing signs of a yellow tint, you can whiten them by incorporating fruit in your diet and using them to whiten teeth. Fruit and vegetables are a rich source of anti-oxidants that can remove stains from your teeth. Apples and strawberries are natural stain removers because they increase saliva in your mouth to self clean your teeth. Oranges and tart fruit neutralize mouth acidity that causes tooth decay.

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9Drink coffee for a healthy liver and gallbladder

There are many who associate coffee with an unhealthy diet but your cup of coffee in its purest form can work wonders for health. Coffee is bean juice that provides a range of health benefits among which is a healthy liver and gallbladder.

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10Caffeine in coffee causes contractions in the gallbladder

Research has found that Contractions in the gall bladder caused by caffeine in coffee can prevent the formation of minor crystals that lead to gall stones. So having that cup of black coffee in the morning or two in a day if you are used to it isn’t such a bad idea after all. However, drink in moderation.

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