8 Hair Problems That Can Reveal Something about Your Health


We always take it for granted that our hair is in no way connected to the various changes faced by our body. The condition of our hair more than you know is impacted a lot by external factors like the environment as well as the internal factors such as diet and the physiological changes and reactions taking place inside us. Just as your skin and nails, it is your hair also that is an indicator of the problems revealing something is wrong with us. Here are six of them.

1Dull and lifeless hair

We may think that dull and lifeless hair may be the result of overcare such as straightening, dyeing and curling but this isn’t always the case. In winter, our hair may get dull. It will also get lifeless when our body lacks vitamins like selenium, sulfur and phosphorous. To be sure, check your teeth and gums. If you are facing any dental issues, then see a doctor.

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Dandruff isn’t that much of a problem but it can ultimately get worse and lead to excessive itching and scaly scalp. It is embarrassing too. Dandruff could be a result of too many commercial hair care products or frequently changing different diets like those that require you to cut down on fats and carbs.

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Dandruff can be due to stress

One more reason for dandruff is stress, gastrointestinal issues and immunodeficiency. If you are prone to getting yellow dandruff, then you may be having seborrheic dermatitis which is difficult to get rid of. You may have to visit a trichologist to resolve the issues. Don’t use anti-dandruff shampoos as they would be waste of money and time. A doctor will give you medicated shampoo for your problem.

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3Thin and brittle hair

This could be a result of you lacking in protein which is responsible for several functions in the body that cannot be performed by other elements. It provides us muscle tissue, nails, skin and healthy hair. A lack of protein will end up in symptoms of unhealthy hair, nails and dryer skin. Moreover, eat more fruits, veggies and omega-3-fatty acids.


Brittle hair may also be an indicator of even more severe problems in the body such as Cushing’s disease. To play it safe, check for other symptoms of the disease like anemia, high blood pressure and back pain.

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