8 Exercises to Clear Up Lymph Congestion and Body Ache If You Sit All Day


If you experience constant pain in your neck, arm and back, it is most commonly caused by working most of the day on your computer and also when your day finishes you spend your time scrolling through your phone. Your health can be damaged greatly by having a lifestyle which is inactive; it can result in numbness, muscle stiffness and a frequently appearing tingling sensation. More often than not, even your lymph nodes and areas will suffer congestion that increases such problems and the trick is to improve circulation and reduce the congestion. This article will provide you some simple exercises which can relieve back, neck and arms pain and stiffness.

1Neck and shoulders

You can experience tension in your shoulders and neck after driving for a long time or working constantly on a computer. Your bones, muscles and tendons may start to pain. In Great Britain alone the previous year approximately 30 million people required leave for being sick from severe neck pain. Impaired eyesight or headache can be caused by pinched blood vessels or nerves in your neck. You can do some simple exercises to avoid these problems.

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2Stretching the neck and shoulders

 Using one hand lean against the doorway, make your head go low and with your chin try to reach the other shoulder, and then relax. Perform this exercise 10 times, but avoid forcing yourself as you are supposed to feel a warm and relaxing sensation in your muscles. Then, do the same exercise with the other arm.

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3Relieving the pain and tension

Keep your heels 3 inches away from the wall and stand up to the wall making the back of your neck rest on it. Make your shoulders go low. Make your arms stretch to the sides and perform 10 times. You should make sure that while performing this exercise your arms should always touch the wall.

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You can experience pain and tingling in your wrists if your keyboard isn’t properly positioned and you have a habit of always holding a smart-phone or using the mouse. You can be diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome if you ignore these unpleasant sensations and symptoms. To prevent this disease, some exercises have been provided for you to do and also they help to relieve the tension in your wrists.

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