9 Early Signs of Diabetes to Recognize That Can Diagnose the Disease in Time


Diabetes is considered the modern-day plague which affects so many of us that the statistics are simply mind-boggling. Though it has medical interventions and treatment to control it, but an effective cure has not been found yet which makes is a dangerous disease. It’s the modern-day version of a wasteful disease like tuberculosis and it reduces the efficiency and immunity of the body gradually while also reducing the life expectancy of the patient alarmingly. But the good news is that there are some warning signs the body starts sending to us which if ignored can lead to full-blown advanced diabetes so must we must all educate ourselves about these warning signs and not brush them off for your own good.

1Increased thirst and urination

Probably the first signs are polydipsia (extreme thirst) and polyurea (frequent loo visits), which we usually ignore. It might mean that the kidneys are unable to absorb all the sugar and it’s all going into urine formation which takes away all your body’s natural fluids and therefore frequent urination leads to dehydration. This again makes you drink more water thus starting a vicious cycle. Take note and get a test done.

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2Increased hunger

The 3rd major sign is extreme hunger at all possible times (polyphagia) which forms the evil trinity of first stages of diabetes along with Polydipsia and polyurea. This is the direct result that your body is not secreting enough insulin (if at all) and it cannot convert the glucose of your food which your cells need for energy.

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Diabetes triggers hunger cravings

The dysfunctional insulin triggers more hunger cravings and bingo your blood sugar level rockets? If even after a heavy meal you always feel hungry it’s a sign that you need to make a quick appointment with your doctor.

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If you are always exhausted and tired after even a little bit of stress, it could also mean that you are displaying signs of diabetes. The logic is the same as the hunger pangs, the cells are not getting enough energy to keep you active and therefore induce lethargy.

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Frequent urination dehydrates and causes fatigue

Further frequent urination also cause dehydration adding to the exhaustion and weakness. Although fatigue can be attributed to many different reasons as well but if you observe it coincides with previously explained symptoms it’s definitely the harbinger of diabetes.

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