Avoid These 10 Common Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Kidneys


4Overuse of painkillers

When taken in moderation, NSAIDs or anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen are ok as they are necessary for the problems they solve, but reaching for one every time you get minor issues and overuse is extremely bad for the kidneys. Constant overuse can even cause severe kidney damage.

OTC (over the counter) analgesics cause kidney damage as they are harsh on kidney function. They reduce blood flow to the kidneys and that increases damage to the organ especially if you are already suffering from kidney disease. In event of experiencing severe pain, such medications should be taken for short periods only and not for long term use.

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5Not drinking enough water

It is extremely important to stay hydrated because this helps your kidneys to remove toxins and the excess sodium from your body. By not drinking water regularly during the day, it won’t just create health issues; it will also lead to kidney stones. Most people need at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily to keep kidneys healthy. To know that you are drinking enough water, your pee will be a pale yellow or straw color. A darker color could possibly mean you have kidney damage.

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6Missing out on sleep

Sleep is necessary for overall health but more importantly for our kidney health. Your sleep pattern regulates and coordinates your kidney function and organ tissues are renewed while sleeping. The liver also regenerates while you are sleeping. If this cycle is interrupted, then it can increase the risk of kidney damage. Lack of sleep also causes atherosclerosis which clogs and hardens arteries that results in high blood pressure and subsequent kidney damage over time.

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7Drinking diet soda

Health experts say that there is a strong link between kidney problems and consumption of diet soda. Studies in 2009 found that among 3000 women who drank in excess of 2 sodas daily showed a decrease in kidney function. But unlike the artificially sweetened drinks, the natural sugar-sweetened ones didn’t produce the same effect.

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